7 Tips to Design the Perfect Open Plan Kitchen

7 Tips to Design the Perfect Open Plan Kitchen


What is an open plan kitchen?

An open plan kitchen is a layout where the kitchen space is open to the rest of the house, rather than being closed off in its own room. This type of layout is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes as it allows for more social interaction while cooking and entertaining. It also makes the most use of available space, as there is no wasted space between the kitchen and the rest of the house. There are a myriad of ways you can design an open plan kitchen – we’ve put some tips together to make life easier while doing so. 


It’s all in the design

When choosing an open plan kitchen layout, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about how you want to use the space. If you entertain often, you’ll want to make sure the layout allows for plenty of room for guests. If you’re an avid cook, you’ll want to make sure the kitchen is well-equipped and easy to move around in. 


Secondly, take into account the overall size of the space. An open plan kitchen can make a small space feel much larger, or a large space feel more intimate. Keep this in mind when choosing furniture and appliances. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative! An open plan kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with your design. So go ahead and let your personal style shine through.


Keep it simple

One of the great things about open plan kitchens is that they can help to make small spaces feel larger. However, this can also be a downside, as too many elements in an open plan kitchen can make the space feel cluttered and cramped. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your open plan kitchen simple. Stick to a limited colour palette, and choose timeless furniture and fixtures that won’t date too quickly. In addition, try to declutter surfaces wherever possible – open shelving is a great way to achieve this. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your open plan kitchen is both stylish and practical.


Split things up 

An open plan kitchen can be a great way to open up your home and create more space. However, it can also be difficult to keep the kitchen organised if everything is in one open area. One way to solve this problem is to split the open plan kitchen into zones. For example, you can create a food prep zone with all of the essential appliances, like the fridge and oven, as well as plenty of counter space. This area can be located near the dining area so that you can easily serve meals. Alternatively, you could create a separate zone for entertaining guests. This could include a wine fridge, bar stools, and a small table or drinks cart for serving drinks. By splitting your open plan kitchen into zones, you can help to keep the space organised and functional.


Make a list of appliances you need

If you’re considering an open plan kitchen, one of the things you’ll need to think about is what kind of appliances to choose. There are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision. First, you’ll want to make sure that the appliances you select fit the overall style of your kitchen. Second, you’ll need to consider how the appliances will be used and how they will fit into the layout of the room. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the appliances you select are energy-efficient and will help you save money on your utility bills. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to select the perfect appliances for your open plan kitchen.


Think about the small details

An open plan kitchen can be a great way to open up your home and create more space. However, it’s important to think about the small details when designing an open plan kitchen. For example, you’ll need to consider the layout of the room and how best to use the space. You’ll also need to think about lighting and ventilation, as well as the materials you’ll use for surfaces and cabinetry. By taking the time to consider all of these elements, you can create an open plan kitchen that is both stylish and functional.


Consider lighting fixtures

Kitchen lighting is a critical consideration. Ideally, you want a mix of task lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting is necessary for preparing food and cooking, while ambient lighting helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. One way to achieve this is by installing pendant lights over the kitchen island, which will provide task lighting as well as add to the overall ambiance of the space. You can also use under-cabinet lighting to brighten up work areas, and add accent lights to highlight specific features in the kitchen. With careful planning, you can create a well-lit open plan kitchen that is both functional and stylish.


Don’t forget the flooring 

One of the most important things to think about when you’re planning an open plan kitchen is the flooring. It’s important to choose a material that can withstand a lot of foot traffic and is easy to clean. You also want to make sure that the flooring you choose compliments the overall style of your kitchen. tile and hardwood are two popular choices for open plan kitchens. Tile is durable and easy to clean, but it can be cold and hard on your feet. Hardwood is also durable, but it’s warmer and softer underfoot. If you’re not sure which type of flooring to choose, talk to a professional designer or flooring specialist. They’ll be able to help you select the perfect material for your kitchen.


So, whether you’re designing your first open plan kitchen or just looking for some new ideas, hopefully these tips will help. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to make sure the space works for you and your family – don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what’s right for you.

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