6 Simple Small Kitchen Ideas to Maximise Your Space

6 Simple Small Kitchen Ideas to Maximise Your Space

The kitchen is up there with the most important rooms in your home, it’s where you cook, socialise, and eat. But if you’re limited on space, it can also be one of the trickiest rooms to design. Don’t worry – we’ve got some ideas to help you make the most of your small kitchen. From organisation tips to clever storage solutions, we’ve got you covered! So whether you’re just starting out in your first apartment or you’re hoping to renovate an already cramped kitchen, read on for inspiration.


Use Narrow shelves and cupboards

Small kitchen spaces can be difficult to work with, but narrow shelves and cupboards can help you make the most of the space you have. By utilising vertical space, you can create more storage and prep areas without taking up valuable floor space. Plus, narrow shelves and cupboards are perfect for small items that would otherwise get lost in a larger cabinet. 

So if you’re struggling to find a place for your spices or Tupperware, consider using narrow shelves or cupboards to get the job done. 


Integrate appliances

As you might be aware, every inch of space is precious. One way to make the most of your space is to integrate your accessories and appliances into the design of the room. For example, consider installing a microwave oven in a cupboard or hung beneath a shelf. Alternatively, use small appliances such as toaster ovens and coffee makers that can be stored on a counter or in a cabinet when not in use. By being creative with your storage solutions, you can free up valuable counter space and make your small kitchen feel more spacious.


Utilise accessories

Even the smallest kitchens usually have some wasted space, though, whether it’s a small nook above the sink or a gap between the fridge and the counter. And that wasted space can be put to good use with some strategic accessory-hanging. Hooks are great for hanging things like pots and pans, mugs, or measuring cups; wicker baskets can hold things like spices, small appliances, or plastic wrap and aluminium foil; wall-mounted racks can hold things like pots, pans, and cutting boards. Just a few well-chosen accessories can help you make the most of your small kitchen space.


Nail the design

There are some design tricks you can use to make your kitchen feel bigger and more open. One way to do this is to use light and bright colours. White, cream and pale blue are all good choices. You can also try using mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Another way to make your small kitchen feel spacious is to keep the countertops clear. Instead of piling up your countertops with small appliances, store them away in cabinets or drawers. And finally, don’t forget about lighting. Good lighting can make even the smallest kitchen feel open and airy. So ditch the fluorescent lights and install some bright overhead lights or hang some pretty pendant lights over your island or breakfast nook.


Be efficient with your space

If you have a small kitchen, it’s important to be efficient with your space. One way to do this is to put things away as soon as you’re done using them. This will help to keep your countertops and floors clear, making it easier to move around and giving the illusion of a larger space. Another way to be efficient with your kitchen is to use vertical storage. Stack pots and pans on top of each other, and use shelves to store spices and small appliances. You can even add worktop space over the top of your sink with purpose built chopping boards. By making the most of the space you have, you can keep your small kitchen looking clean and tidy.


Create Kitchen Storage in a Nearby Room

If your small kitchen is short on storage space, don’t despair. There are plenty of creative ways to add additional storage, even if you don’t have an adjoining mudroom or pantry. One option is to create storage in a nearby room. An unused corner of the living room can easily be turned into a makeshift pantry with a few shelves and some baskets. Or, if you have an unused closet in the hallway, that can be repurposed as a kitchen pantry. Just add some shelves and make sure the space is well-ventilated to prevent any food odours from seeping into the rest of the house. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily create the extra kitchen storage space you need.


If you’re feeling cramped in your kitchen, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to maximise the space you have. We’ve shared six small kitchen ideas that should help you get started.

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